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(506) 2206 5009
(506) 8705 0395

WhatsApp: (506) 87050395

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    Los Campesinos Ecolodge is located in the central valley of Costa Rica, Quebrada Arroyo Community, San José Province, Tarrazú Canton, San Lorenzo District, on 25 km at the east of Puerto Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

In the direction of San José, take route 34 in the direction of Dominical, before the Max Teran Valls Hospital (Quepos Hospital), just in front of the "Total Quepos" Service Station, take route 616 to the left, towards London, in the first division of the road, turn on the right, until you reach a large yellow bridge, 100 meters later you will find the La Amistad supermarket, follow the main road to the left, pass in front of the restaurant Brisas del Nara. You will arrive at a division of the road just after a slope, where you must turn to the right. From there you will have 6 km until the entrance of Los Campesinos Ecolodge.

You can program the route to "Los Campesinos, Naranjito, Costa Rica" on your mobile phone "Maps, Waze" or GPS. It should be noted that on the last 6 km there is no cellular coverage, but as there is only one road, it’s not a problem!
Reserva Los Campesinos en Google Maps
Red Social de Los Campesinos Ecolodge
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